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Sunday, August 1, 2010

And Still

As I pass the jeweler I love to look at things
and maybe I might buy, with great savor,
something for my wife, whom I love so much.

When birthdays come around it is a joy to think of what I might give to my children, and even more to see their excitement, when they open a gift.

When I share a breakfast with a good friend, it feels good to be able to take the check and pay for us both,
because this is something important to me.

These are not things done because I have to,
or just because it is a good thing.
It is simply a piece of my heart’s response.

O Lord, you are deeper than any love in my heart, the One I cry to in my distress and in whom I find my rest. You are the one who holds my heart together with these dear ones in my life. You have been giving to me surprises, blessings and these very ones I love, simply out of your deep pleasure.

Why do I look at my giving to you. O Lord,
like a bill to be paid, or a burden to bear?

And still, your forgiveness and mercy wake me
every morning fresh and new again.

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