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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Getting in the Way

My dog has a way of getting in the way. Wherever I want to go she has a keen sense of getting there first. Sometimes this is very frustrating, other times I take it that she is just being insistent about getting some attention. Whatever the case this happens time and time again. Sometimes I am prepared and other times I almost trip over her and hurt her and myself, with both of us trying to regain ourselves along with our yelps at the other.

There are some issues, some people and some circumstances that act like this in my life. They are the things or people that can trigger me away from my best self. A news story about an injustice that I feel strongly about, or a comment made by someone that rubs me the wrong way; and suddenly my day is sent into a tailspin of emotional banter within my mind.

Animals I find are extraordinarily interconnected with our souls. It is why they know when we are sick, sad or when someone is dying. We somehow find our soulful wiring interconnected with the animals in our lives and in some cases even begin to look like them. So this annoyance from someone so close is probably a reflection of not only a need by the pet, but of something within us.

Just as the dog, wanting attention or food, gets in my way; there are issues that I avoid and yet they keep popping up to get my attention. Some people who have similar shortcomings as I do send me into a fit of judgment towards them when their words or actions are only a reflection on the frustration I feel within myself.

In my quest for peace of mind, I savor quiet and a restful place. I want to avoid the conflicts and turmoil of everyday issues. But it is these everyday issues, people and pets that keep tripping me up which are also spiritual attention getters. It is here that I need to begin my meditation. So as I prepare to go home and prepare dinner, I bring with me all my frustrations of the day and will probably find my dog slipping in front of my chins. Where can I go from your presence Lord? You call me home, to the place where I am unraveled and can let go. Today I consciously remember that the interruption to my quest for your answer is most often where I find your response.

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