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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

If the fig tree does not blossom

We need art in our lives. We need beauty in order to understand the sacred awe of our existence. We need stories to be told in order to make sense of our journey. We need fashion and style to help us claim our independence and uniqueness within each generation. We need the visual image which holds still the variations and subtleties of light in order to help us to see the depth of our relationships. We need food in order to live, we need sex in order to procreate and intimate our lives. We need water in order to be flexible and stretch. We need to safely move and inhabit safe places in order to nurture or souls and love.

We have people, and now an entire society, built around selling to our need in order to make money, not necessarily to meet the need. In fact if the need is not met we will buy again and again with the delusion of perhaps getting our need met. The desire is what drives us to continue, the delusion which keeps us from what we need. The desire that can never be met yet keeps pulsing within ourselves is what keeps us buying, unsatisfied; keeps watching, unfulfilled; keeps seeking and yet never finding what it is we are even needing anymore.

Our spiral from abundance into scarcity is a great blessing. The interruption of wealth and things might help us to touch each other again, to stop and breathe and hear a story or share what little we truly have. Until we receive, we cannot give. Until we know we need to receive, that we have fallen short and cannot make it anymore on our own, then we might find ourselves again, with each other.

I look back at the 1930’s as a great time for the visual arts in the United States, a time of depression. The 1940’s and 50’s created some great film and plays alongside of some strict censorship. Perhaps our artistic soul might be freer to emerge now that things are not as abundant and blessed. Our hunger for that which is a truly deep need will drive us to create that which will satisfy, not delude, and not just seek fame, notoriety and money.

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