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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More reflection on my trip to the island

Moving out to an island seems to me to almost live out a metaphor. To move apart from the mainland is an act of separation. With this thought in mind, I began wondering about the metaphor in which I live. My town, Thomaston, is a place of crossroads, between the peninsulas which stretch down the river and route one which bisects it. It is also a town that sits in the shadow of other bigger towns nearby, the towns of Rockland and Camden.

In reflecting on the metaphor of the town in which I live, I see that my life reflects the geography of my habitation. So often I have sensed that I am always in the midst of a crossroads in my life and always under the shadow of others.

There is a spirituality and psychology of geography which deeply affects us. On my first sabbatical I discovered the outer connection of the land to my soul. Whatever I was dealing with inside my head, heart and soul would become manifest in what I would do left to my own devises in the woods. When I was charting new paths in my thoughts I would go out and do the same in the woods, and this would continue with all sorts of other ways of thinking and then acting. When I realized this I would consciously try not to do things that I was working on within my soul, but when I would reflect later it became evident that I still was doing outwardly what was going on inwardly.

We become part of our land, and our land is a part of us, whether we know it or not.

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