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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Need to Support our Local Churches

Generally speaking, our local churches are the last remaining place we sing together, often all verses of a song, not just the first verse of the national anthem heard at a ball game. And the last place to hear people read ancient stories aloud, and poems, and to hear oral oration for wisdom. It is a place where we can gather to study and discuss a book, join in common meals that are made together, to be still, a place to meet other people, and a place to bring those things most sacred in our hearts for care and keeping in the arms of our God.

We are not funded by the government, we survive primarily by the strength and generosity of the local community. It is proportionate to the commitment of all of us as to what will be the health and well being of the soul, or spiritual health, of our community. Our participation, our time, our financial support, and most of all, our prayers will determine how high our spires truly rise above our town greens, not just our symbolic structures. We open our doors not only for those who qualify or agree with us, but for all who dare enter the silences of one’s soul, or wish to seek some sort of solace in their life. We are also a place open for the daily activity and the betterment of our society with scout meetings, public forums, AA, and other activities that strengthen us for our common good.

Our society spends millions of dollars in an effort to isolate us into addictions with electronics which seemingly connect our lives, but cannot compete with a handshake, or an embrace, or a conversation face to face. Highways, designed to speed commerce, have driven our families further apart. Technology and transportation offer ways to worship perceived perfection on television and in person with celebrities. This does not offer, however, the live exchange and personality of our own families, friends, and neighbors. The local church offers the place where friends and neighbors, oftentimes far from loved ones, can gather and claim that space between our loved ones which is sacred and held together with prayer. Gathering together to pray and worship is the great affirmation to live and love; and the revolutionary declaration against the twin tyrannies of apathy and avoidance. It is truly important that we support our churches in every way possible; that we keep these institutions, which represent the soul of our community, alive, vibrant and healthy.

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