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Thursday, August 19, 2010

returning from rest

Emily and I just returned from an extended trip on a most wonderful sailing excursion around Penobscot Bay with Jacob Gerritsen. There are times when I have gone or done something and years later look back on it as a great time in my life. Then there are times, like this trip, when it is just so perfect and beautiful that even someone as obtuse as me can see that it is one of the great blessings in one's life while you are in the midst of it. I have felt for some time now that sailing around the islands of the Penobscot Bay in the summertime is as close to Eden or the most beautiful place on earth as one can get. It is not so overwhelming a beauty as the Grand Canyon, it is a sufficient beauty that slowly soaks into one's soul and waters it with wonder.
It is also interesting to me how while at sea we are very careful with our use of water, electricity, food, waste, etc. But now that I am home I find that I am running the water longer than perhaps I need, and leaving lights on when perhaps they are not needed. A boat is a small island with obviously limited resources, one is always aware of it. Being on this limited island of a planet just doesn't give me the same awareness, or I am just not wanting to see it and pay attention.
It is also interesting to me that hours after getting off the boat I find that my world is still gently swaying beneath my feet. I know, or at least assume, my house isn't swaying like a boat. How much of the experience is programed into my brain, how much of the swaying on the boat was just my own memory program?

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