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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Sea is Very Seductive

The sea is very seductive. Watching the tides, looking at boats, feeling the swaying of the waves and the pull of the wind is all very seductive. The siren upon the rocks that lures sailors onto the rocks is perhaps the sea itself. Steering a boat, as her hull and oneself are seemingly one, pulling in the sails and feeling one with the wind and water is deeply sacred. The honest admiration of other boats as they pass, especially the very beautiful ones, only deepens the addiction to the sea. It is a world unto itself, apart from the land, away from others. It is profoundly personal and also completely universal. The power of the depths moving the boat up and down with gentle swells lulls our souls like a mother holding a child. And the awareness that it could turn dangerous at any time adds the adrenaline of excitement and fear to the chemistry of connection.
It is wonderful, it is dangerous, it is a holy communion, it is refreshment, it is communication, it is terrifying, it is the provider and the destroyer, it is the home and link between worlds, it is limited, it is ever present and endless seeming, it is essential.
Some people, like me, feel that they need to live near the water. I do not necessarily have to see it every day, but I do need to know it is there. Some people like the big sky, which is a sea in another form, but the element of water somehow draws me like a magnet. Simply watching it calms and stills restlessness. Everyday as I drive by the little river by my house I greet the tide with a "HIGH Tide" or a "HelLOW Tide". It is a companion which asks very little and is very constant.

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