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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some Thoughts

If the Christians who want this to be a Christian nation, established by its majority of the population; then wouldn’t they be setting up a stronger precedent for another religion, say Islam, to claim their laws to be the law of the land should they become the majority?

The separation of church and state has protected Christians, Jews, Muslims and others from one dominant rule which would expect people to follow one specific religion. State religions do not convert from the heart, rather from the law. Allowing religions to speak directly to people and for them to respond from their hearts will always bring deeper change.

Targeting one religion as one to oppress, such as the recent efforts to make the Muslims victims will only increase their numbers and strengthen their voice. The blood of the martyrs was the fire which spread the Christian faith throughout Europe. We need to be careful.

There are differences between the faiths. All religions are not the same, simply stating that all religions are about loving others is just smoothing over conflicts that eventually will need to be faced.

As a Christian, I believe that the power of God as understood and experienced in Christ Jesus has the power to transform all people. That Christ lifted upon the cross will draw all people to him, and as such it is for me to trust his power and might and not my limited biases, fears and political manipulations.

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