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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Invitation of Change

There is much talk and awareness of the need for change in the church. In fact there is an awareness of great changes going on all around us in our society, in education, healthcare, politics, economics, and our general way of life.

I have time now to look at what is going on in my life and the world around me. Several thoughts have struck me recently. There is great energy being spent on the new directions in the church, where we should go, what does this new way look like and how will it effect us. There is also a goodly amount of energy being spent holding onto what we have been doing, what we have come to know and how we have been doing things.

On a very personal level I am seeing that when change has happened in my life that I would understand to be wonderful, life-giving or of the Holy Spirit, it seems to always reveal more of really who I am to myself. I may come to differing opinions or attitudes but I somehow become more of who I am and enter more deeply into what I know of love. If mercy and forgiveness and understanding are not factors in my change than it seems that nothing really has changed.

My life is defined by an experience of love found in God who has become manifest in our world in who I have come to know as Jesus. This person, this God made flesh is the source of my love and hope. So I am finding that in all the discussions of change within the church and world about me, perhaps this is only an invitation, written upon the events of the world, for me to enter more deeply into this forgiveness and mercy and come to know more deeply my Lord Jesus.

Maybe the words of my prayers might part enough that I might see more clearly the eyes of God looking upon me and giving me strength to look back with a more clear understanding of who I am.

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