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Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Dirty Bowl

A child made some soup last night for a late dinner. It is nice when they are self sufficient. After the dinner this child brought the bowl of soup and various utensils into the kitchen and left them on the counter. This is so much better than leaving them around the house or on the table. In fact I am sure this child thought they were doing a very helpful thing to bring the dishes into the kitchen. The only problem was that by the next morning the bowl had dried up and I needed to clean it out some before putting it in the dishwasher. And the little bit of soup with a burned bottom needed to be put into something else.
It got me to thinking, how many things do I do that I feel are very helpful or good deeds that in fact are only about eighty percent done. Deeds that in fact leave more for others in the long run. There are probably many areas of my life that are not carried out all the way, and I feel like I have done good things, and yet not all the way. How much of my efforts of love are good efforts but cause others to pick up the pieces or meet me part way just to receive my good intentions? How much of my prayers and acts of devotion with God are really only part efforts, causing or expecting God to finish off what I started?
It was a dirty bowl that was left for me to finish cleaning, yet it was also a wonderful gift that helped me see myself more clearly. How many of my actions that I feel are shortsighted end up also being additional unforeseen gifts to others as well?

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