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Sunday, December 19, 2010

In A Special Time

Over the last few weeks I have been blessed greatly by the preaching of some local pastors. It is not always the case in small rural areas to have top quality preachers in small congregations, but that is not the case now in Rockland. Having recently attended the Rockland Congregational Church with the Rev. Seth Jones preaching, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church with the Rev. Glenn Mehaffey preaching and then the Rockland Unitarian Church with the Rev. Mark Glovin preaching; I was suddenly struck by how amazing it is to have such talent in our small area. These preachers are quite good. In an age of packaged and recorded listening it is a rare and precious gift to hear high quality live oration. These pastors are very blessed and as such are deeply enriching our local community. My only concern is that the local congregations might miss the blessing that is before them. I felt this way with the Rev. Amita Jarmen, the rabbi we had for awhile. She was an amazing addition to our community, yet alas found it difficult to stay here. I was encouraged to see that Mark Glovin is just starting a sabbatical, such time away can only enhance his gifts and strengthen the community of the Unitarian Church, it does mean we will lose his voice for a few months. But for a few months away might mean a much longer time here in our midst.

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