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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday worship - December 5th

This morning it snowed, only a sprinkle, and I went to the Penobscot Bay Family Church. They meet on the top floor of the Thomaston Academy building. It was a small gathering, but a good time of worship. The pastor has a wonderful music ministry, he plays the keyboard and sings many songs he has written. The music was contemporary and very worshipful. His message was very thoughtful and full of examples and mostly about the right use of money and how we are to serve God, not money. I have found that the size of the congregation has nothing to do with the opportunity for God to touch my heart. In fact it is in the smaller gatherings that oftentimes open me up more to the intimate need of grace in my life.
The pastor, Steve Young, is very devout and forceful in his faith. There is a refreshing air and a challenge to go deeper into one’s commitment to faith in his message.
As an aside, I found it interesting and reassuring as I walked to the church I saw all the cars at the Roman Catholic Church for their service, and as I left there were cars at the Missionary Baptist Church across the street. To be part of a town and people gathering for prayer, taking time to praise God for our blessings and face our challenges and to be part of what is going on at this time in life was very good. Staying home on a Sunday morning is like staying home during the big high school football or soccer game, or town meeting or Fourth of July parade. It is an option, but one does miss what is going on in the life of one’s community. In a world that is so divided and isolated I think it is even more important to make an effort to be alive and a part of the common good.

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