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Monday, January 31, 2011

Different ways of Sharing

This last year my wife, Emily, has been able to have another person help teach dance at her Dance School - The Rockland School of Ballet. I am always amazed at the people I meet, especially in such a rural location as is here in Maine. Morrigan McCarthy, the new dance teacher, and her partner are also photograhers and world travelers via bicycles. I have added their website to my general links section ( Their group is called Restless Collective and they have some very interesting pictures and stories to tell.

It got me thinking, Restless Collective and the Kickstart program, which they are using to help them raise funds for their travels, is helping people to get their programs started and off the ground - what about helping people with ideas. Perhaps there are people with a heart to do something, but need some ideas to start their wheels turning. While reading their blog I started to wonder whether there were people who would like to do something but are not sure what they might do.

One idea I quickly came up with was to have someone travel around the world to document how modern technology has effected local culture, especially music and dance. Are local cultures being lost to the international venues of communication, or are new ways, sounds and dance emerging. There seems to be various artists who want to tour and promote their work, but it would be interesting to me to have someone travel around to various groups to write up a blog, description and log about what is going on. (My guess is that there is probably something like this already going on, and perhaps someone can link me to it.)

We are living in a very different world because of the way we can communicate and share with each other ideas, opportunities and collaborations. There are some very exciting things going on and I find it inspiring. There are times when I can view my small little rural world as a backwater and place where not much is going on, then I find myself surprised by the vast array of great people doing life changing things all around me. Nothing has changed except my perception in this whole process.

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