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Monday, January 24, 2011

Life from life

I have been taught recently to read the ingredients. The more the ingredient the less likely it will be good for me and that I should be cautious of food products that have chemical ingredients and not simple food as ingredients. But this has gotten me thinking, all from eating a beet at lunch. The beet was something that was growing, a life energy rooted in the soil that we picked and then cooked. I stopped it growing by picking it. As I ate it I knew I was eating something that was living and in a sense gave up its life for my sustenance. I cannot think of any food that has not done this for me. It is only the foods that we have created in laboratories that might be an exception, but even in this food there might have to be a life energy to make it food. I do not know this process well enough to know really anything about such products. But it was clear to me that we need life to sustain life. As we eat the things of this earth we continue and sustain life. There are those things that have died naturally, an apply falling from a tree that I might pick up and eat. But my eating it keeps the seeds from forming a new tree. The life giving nature of our food is something we give thanks for in our blessings we use as we pause before eating, and the source of life who provides for this bounty. Ultimately it is said we become the food of ants and worms; a friend asked me to bury him with an acorn in so that a tree might grow from where he will fertilize the soil. We need life, other’s life for us to survive. It is not hard for me to carry this thought our further in lines of being raised by the lives of our parents; to the taxes paid by others to ensure my safety, education and well being; to the time and energy the people we love now offer to us and make our life meaningful. We need other’s life energy to sustain us, and with such we need to share our energy, through our prayers and work, in order to make our life meaningful and life-giving to others. It is the relay race, the great procession of a river or the cycle of interwoven energies that makes the one life which is teeming upon this planet made by God, and perhaps it is that collective life sustaining and perpetuating energy that is the image of God, as spoken of in Scripture.

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