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Saturday, January 22, 2011

A Time Away

Life can be filled with long stretches of waiting, waiting and wondering. Then suddenly everything seems to happen all at once. It is important to pay attention, listen, appreciate and reflect during the sometimes impatient times of waiting. After a very busy Christmas with many of our children, we took our youngest off to college and then a whirlwind excursion to see just about everyone in our family we could make it too. Leaving Minnesota for another time. It has been almost a week back and I still have no idea where I am when I wake up. I do miss going through airport security several times a day, the lines, the ritual of taking things off, hurrying along and being scanned is such a rewarding experience. Then the fast racing to gates and then long waits are good to watch human nature at play. I especially like how when plans stop at the gate everyone seems to get up and get on their mark to exit, even at the back of the plane where it is obvious that the wait will be a long time. I was also amused at how some airports (like LAX) have no way to move from one terminal to another without going through security. It is something that would easily speed up security lines, make peoples lives easier, and help airline schedules with a few buses - which are already making loops outside. I do no believe I am the first to notice this. It is always amazing to think, though, that we can span the continent in a matter of hours. It is truly amazing. Likewise it is amazing to me that I would be willing to get into a big metal cylinder filled with high octane fuel, which is ignited and sent up in the air at very high altitudes. And how so many airports all look alike, leaving one to know where one is by the names of the little restaurants one passes with local style names. All in all it is important to see family, I miss them when apart - which is so very often. Skype is good, but nothing can replace a hug and a smile face to face.

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  1. I agree with your final sentence and look forward to more smiles and hugs in April when we see you next! Wonderful to have had you here, even if it was brief. Too brief.


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