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Friday, March 11, 2011

Radio Show

For several months now I have been praying and thinking about doing a weekly radio show at our local low frequency station. At the beginning of my sabbatical I was interviewed at the station and found it to be facinating. Then later around Christmas time I read “A Child's Christmas in Wales” with the great local story teller-dramatist Erika Pfander on the station. And then one morning I was listening to Garrison Keiler's morning show at 9 am where he reads and talks about various literary figures and reads a poem. I am always left wanting more. So I thought it would be an interesting idea to do a show where I start out reading prayers, texts to hymns and psalms and bring up what went on this day in history literary and artistically, and read poems, recipes and short stories.
I do need sponsors, though. They want people, businesses, or groups to sponsor shows at 30 dollars a month. If anyone would be interested let me know - I would also find it great to work with others and to read poems and works people have written, and or your favorites. The station is WRFRlp in Rockland, they stream it on the internet as well, check them out. I want to do a morning show, perhaps Thursday.

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