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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Sunrise again

There is something to be said for annual sunrise services on Easter morning. For one thing, in Maine, it is a time for the hearty and well bundled worshiper as it is usually very cold, rainy or snowy. But whatever the weather there seems to be the same faithful people that come every year. It is a time when we all gather and somehow by meeting, in some cases, this only once a year - year after year- we have gotten to know each other.
In remembering the resurrection of Jesus I am struck by the fact that those who were there knew him from years of being together. Mary Magdelene, Peter and John were all close to Jesus. These people were close friends. This amazing day did not come out of the blue by people unknown, it came through the hard and painful experiences of people who were close to each other.
So often my prayers are for a magical answer or solution, a miracle to get me or someone I know out of an illness or financial crisis. I want a remedy or rescue from this mortal existence. But Jesus went to the end of the human journey, through fear, betrayal, pain, suffering and ultimately lost his life. It was by going more fully into the human drama and experience that he was able to lead the way for others. His choice was to celebrate together with those he loved at the dinner table, the established way of thinking and social structures wanted to blame and find a victim. Jesus kept going in his mortal journey of love.
Returning again to the sunrise service I am struck by the familiar faces and the struggles in our lives now. It is in these journeys that we are all working through that we might find the miracles and deeper dimensions of love that carry us as well through our fear.

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