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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Days after getting off a week long boat trip, I find that I can still feel the waves moving beneath me. It is amazing how our body remembers such movement. It gets me thinking how much of our memory or ways of thinking, perceiving and reacting are a result of actions and experiences long over finished.

Steering a boat for me is an experience more complete than most vehicles for me, for I have a sense of the entire boat as part of my body, or me being one with the boat as it moves and steers through the water. From this experience I find it easier to see and experience the understanding of being one with the water and the wind. We are more connected than we can ever truly understand.

On a boat with a few people and very limited space one learns to move in small ways, to be accommodating and to be sensitive to others. One cannot get away, unless one is a very good swimmer. It is important to learn to live with each other, to get over personal issues and to be gracious. It has been my experience that sailors on submarines are the exceptionally kind and nice people, my limited boat experience can see how that would a submarine life would develop such characteristics. It is interesting how we so often lose this awareness upon the ship of land.

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