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Monday, August 22, 2011

Putting Prayers Out There

There is a difference between a good idea and a good idea that someone acts upon. Things get done when someone speaks up, acts and follows through on the idea and inspiration. When we think up a good idea and let it go, perhaps even forgetting about it until someone else acts upon something like it, we can only blame ourselves and often feel frustrated.
So, too, I think it is with our prayers. When I offer to God my heart, my concerns, my longings and my hopes but just think it in my head, it is easy for me to wallow on it, say it again and again and have trouble letting it go. Speaking it out helps, writing it out is also good, saying it with someone else commits it to someone else's hearing. I have taken to writing prayers down onto fabric and flying them over my yard, not only for God to see but for me to see that I have put these deeply felt items into God's hands, onto God's strength. I might want to pray this again and again, but it is hanging for all the world to see that I have already hoisted these prayers. And as they fade in the sun I can feel them becoming more clearly known by the love and heart of Jesus. Thank you Lord.

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