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Monday, October 3, 2011

Fresh local music

In recent years we have been discovering the downside and darkside to all of our processed food. We have also been rediscovering the great health benefits of whole, healthy and local food. The more we seem to process and mass produce our food the more unhealthy it becomes even though it becomes more abundant and cheaper at first. In the long run its costs upon our health are greater and its overabundance only causes us to eat more of the things we do not need. This processing of things is not limited to our food, though. We have done the same thing with many other aspects of essential elements to our life. One area of over processing that is just as damaging to our lives, and yet has not gotten the same attention, is processed music. We have mass produced and over processed our music to the point that there is little to no connection between people and the soul of sound in our lives. We are plugged in, with an overabundance of packaged bytes in our technology that have been over processed and reproduced to the point of becoming sterile. I would rather have a faulty young voice grapple with the sounds of a tune, live in front of me than the bought, re-recorded sound of some perfect famous far off celebrity. There are very few songs that I know by heart, and our processed music makes it harder for me to want to learn a song in my heart that I might sing while in the shower or walking down the street. Apart from a community or school choir or a church gathering there are very rare moments that one might actually sing anything. What was once an integral part of our society and ways in which we grew in love with each other, now is a way for some to market for manipulate to keep us from feeling like we could also participate. Life is a participatory activity, not a product to be consumed or to collect. Let us not only eat locally and healthy but also sing out our lives with the local friends and family with whom we live.

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