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Monday, October 17, 2011

some fun and thoughts for today

March with passion
Breath for compassion
Todotodoto Todotodoto
Eat for clarity
Embrace with charity
Betobetobe Betobetobe
Write a revolution
Question every solution
Todotodoto Todotodoto
Read everything
Drive as if with wings
Betobetobe Betobetobe
Dance to belong
Taste your song
Todotodoto Todotodoto
Sing with the depth of thirst
Face the fears of the cursed
Betobetobe Betobetobe
Love all and
Hear the call
Todotodoto Betobetobe

Advertising my opinions on my car is not my preference.
So, I was pleasantly surprised to discover in buying a Prius that they did not all come with Obama bumper stickers.

So many pictures
taken of your pretty face,
yet your body dances.

What happened to us?
We have gotten way too fat;
Yet we’re still the same.

O God, you can make a miracle by simply taking a breath,
Breath on my, oh, breath of God.

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