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Thursday, December 15, 2011

A blessing for you and those whom you love

May technology not distract you or those you love
from the actual love in your lives.

May your health and the health of those you love
know the healing light of God’s love
and be sustained by the companionship of Jesus’ touch.

May the political whirlwind of an election year
not sidetrack you from what is truly important in your world.

May the wisdom of the Holy Spirit
remind you of the things you might find yourself forgetting;
and renew the manners of those with whom you share this planet.

May the comforts and blessings of our wonderful land
not become curses that blind us to the God
who is the source of all blessings.

May the challenges of a changing world inspire you
to an openness that will renew love, restore peace,
and excite the passion to love within your soul.

And may deep joy emerge from any sorrow,
lasting peace from any anxiety, strong hope from confusion,
and the fullness of love from any despair.

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