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Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Light of Christ

Everything we see, hear, feel, or touch comes from the energy released in the stars, some of which was billions of years ago. The story of Jesus coming into the world is described as ‘the light that shines in the darkness’. We have the story of the angel appearing to Mary, announcing the birth of Jesus. I oftentimes have imagined that the angel appeared from some other place, perhaps from some “out there, other reality”. The very energy that has created all things, filled all things, and is in all things, perhaps holds the potential of all things; and sometimes are we able to comprehend a small piece of the whole. Perhaps the angels did not come from “out there”, but rather from within all that is around us. The birth of Jesus, or the joining together of the human and the Divine, might be understood as, not something that happened from a God who is out there, or up there, but rather, an emerging of the reality that is already here among us. Where there is the energy of life, there is the energy and love of God. When we see ourselves as separate or alone, or try to become removed from our deep interconnections, we choose the darkness. We are still discovering our engagement with the light that burst forth from the very beginning, possibly billions of years ago. The birth of Jesus was a historical experience, but also perhaps an ongoing reality.

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