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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Everything we see is simply reflected light, and all matter we touch is matter formed from the stars. Somehow there is a power which fills all this with life, we struggle for language to describe the mystery. The experience of love and life is larger than our words and stories. Our religions are ways in which we collectively have been able to convey the deep truths in the best way we can find. It is always changing and adapting as our language and experience change. There will never be a final statement of faith or love, as the statement is only a reflection of what we experience. And as long as we keep experiencing love and life the efforts to express them will continue. This does not belittle the Church or Scripture, as Scripture is always being retranslated in ways that we can better hear and understand. It does not diminish that which has been experienced, because what we continue to experience is only a continuation and a further manifestation of that which was and is and will be.

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