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Friday, December 16, 2011

some early morning thoughts

There seems to be a war on religion in our country, but it is being waged by my dear fellow Christians who seem to find this a motivating force. It is thought that if someone is seen as attacking us then we have something to fight, and having a cause and fight will unite us. The experience of our Lord Jesus is what unites us, though. The activity of government is to have people find ways to work together and achieve the common good, the purpose of business is to make money and to provide a good product to serve their clientele. The idea that these groups are waging an attack on religion is not on either of their agendas as I would see it. Perhaps there is a spiritual power, such as satan, which is using government or business to fight Christianity. If it is seen as the liberals or the democrats as waging this war, then it is simply a war that is being used by the other political party to get votes, using faithful people for political gain. People using religion for political gain is very dangerous, once we set our eyes on earthly power it is hard to keep it fixed on Jesus. But if it is a spiritual war of satan then the best way to fight it is with a heart totally set on Jesus, praising God, and allowing the power of Jesus to win the war he has already won and not getting in the way. But to use this as a way to promote a faith and get others to believe I feel is misguided. I have yet to meet someone who has come to a deep relationship with Jesus because a store had a Christmas tree or holiday tree. In fact people who see religion only at this time of year oftentimes only understand it in a very superficial way. If one’s faith is known only at a major holiday such as Christmas, then it would be like only visiting someone once a year with millions of others. Visiting the White House on a tour does not make one a close friend with the president. What touches my heart and is what inspires me is when we are not fighting culture wars and having religious views thrown around by politicians, but when this energy is in fact spent by someone facing the experience of a life engaged and serving Jesus. Power and transformation takes place when I am not fighting or making society different, but rather allowing Jesus to change me and have my life transformed from this world to the actual reality of his grace. I suppose the point that I am trying to make is that when I share my experience and witness to what has happened to me it is more powerful and life changing than when I am avoiding experiencing change myself by trying to change the larger world around me.

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