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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Why I think this Christmas has potential

This has been a hard Christmas to come up with something poignant to write about. There are many people who are unemployed, I know many who are in serious financial difficulty, who are facing serious health concerns, or wrestling with mental health. There are headlines which cause me anxiety, and changes in so many aspects of life that I find it overwhelming. So why have I arrived at the conclusion that this year Christmas has some real potential? Well, it struck me that for so long this season has been all about us. It is about our families, communities, our businesses, our memories, what we want and how we can feel good by doing for others. Perhaps, because of all of these challenges, this year it might become more about Jesus. Maybe, just maybe, because we are spending so much more time pleading and searching out for God in our struggles, that we find God again. And in our meeting, we will discover that God is used to challenging times and very comfortable with filling those times with meaning and historical purpose.

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