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Friday, January 20, 2012


Oftentimes I hear or speak of people by what they have done,
or where they come from, or maybe what they look like - but perhaps we might know each other better not from our looks or where we stood or what we have left behind but rather those with whom we have been in relationship.

We are defined by our relationships:
the people we love, and the people we hate;
the people we forgive and the people we ignore;
those things we eat and those things that revolt us;
those things we cherish and our trash;
the animals we tame and the creatures we fear;
the life that leaves us in awe;
and that which we cause to be extinct without any concern;
how we let go and what we hold onto;
how we become one and how we keep separate;
who we serve and who we expect to serve us;
who is our God and who is our devil and who is our neighbor;
we are defined by our relationships.

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