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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

how do we communicate

It is interesting to me to watch how the magazines are getting thinner and thinner. Newspapers are becoming obsolete, the local papers do not have reporters per se anymore, we send our stories to them with a picture for them to print. Maybe they will have one or two people writing things. But the days when a local paper had a number of people doing various sections are gone. More and more local organizations, like the church, are publishing their own newsletters and blogs are becoming a way to write and share thoughts.
The occupation of editor is fast disappearing, which is very tragic for most writers. We need you!
Facebook, Twitter and text messaging has replaced the Post Office. Occasionally I get a letter, mostly just cards. I do know someone who writes notes and cards that seems almost archaic in that her handwriting is so beautiful and her thoughts well structured and nicely put together. I savor her notes.
We have lost so much, yet is it that we have lost these things or simply forgetting to bring them along with us in our journey to the next place?

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