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Friday, January 13, 2012

rainy day/snowy day reflection january 13 2012

So much change seems to be impending upon so much of life these days. From the structures of our civic institutions like government, religion, education, health care to the way in which we eat and communicate there seems to be deep change and unease because of this impending transformation. Often I hear the comparison of our time to the time when the printing press changed society hundreds of years ago. Now it is computers and technology that is changing things.
On one level I try to brace myself for the change and try to adapt, on the other level I find myself seeing the dangers of the changes and what might be unintended consequences. But I also know that what I think or wish to happen will actually make that great of a change in the outcome. Like complaining about the national government, what I think really doesn’t effect the actions or outcomes of national politics.
What I can control or have some sense of engagement is the way I respond and how I let it effect me. There is a storm of energy trying to make me accept the new ways, technology and ideas and there is a landslide behind me washing the ground beneath me towards the way things were, or how I envisioned them to be in the past. These are not my only two options, no matter what I might feel. There is also the deep rooted present experience that exists now, and is the platform for my response. Perhaps this platform, or the people with whom I address these concerns are my base of transformation. It is not in the future or the past, but in the ever blown present moment that I hold to truth and love. My experience of the mysteries of God, the holiness of life and the coming of grace is not found in what I once knew or what is coming barreling down on me, but rather with whom I hold onto in the midst of the storm. A situational morality that might make something work for the future good by compromising myself now only continues to compromise myself in the future. It is only the integrity of now, that I can connect to the eternal. It is not found in what feels good, not what feels right, but on the deep rooted and timeless branch of connection to the larger life beyond my limits. The seed for hope is not found to the left or to the right, above or below; rather it is where we are, as we are the seed and the soil.
The change I am seeking is to lead me back to what I have always longed for, what I have always known and to what has been my source all along. The tradition I hold onto is not in the past or the ways I have done things or the way things were but in the integrity and faithfulness to what has always been inspiring me and holding me.

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