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Friday, February 10, 2012


It has struck me how much of my prayer time is spent in intercession, praying for others, and in being silent, trying to calm my soul to listen and let go. What I am not engaging much in is adoration. These other aspects of prayer are the shell, the outer pathways in which we move deeper in relationship and intimacy with God: the great power of love, life and light. But in offering my intercessions and quieting my soul it is then time to move to the place of adoration and worship. This is the place where art is grasped and enters our deep soul. When the music touches us deeply or the dance moves us or the image is etched within our soul. To be one with God is to know the beauty of adoration, awe and wonder.
What an amazing day, what amazing people with whom I live, there are mysteries beyond my comprehension and so much more to learn. In my haste I blind myself, in my need I refuse that for which I desire, in my longings I so often fill myself with the appetizers of convenience and am so often then unprepared for the banquet of deep love waiting for me.

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