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Friday, February 24, 2012

God in our life or we in God's?

Oftentimes I pray that God would help me or guide me or protect loved ones. It is like an invitation that I offer, hoping for a positive reply. It would be nice to have God at my disposal, like knowing someone famous that would be willing to stop by when I needed to impress people, or a rich uncle that would help out when I called.

Not as often do I pray that I would more fully know and surrender and serve what God has planned for me. Where do I fit in and am needed in the eyes and activity of God. It might not be in the center, where I chose to be oftentimes. Whether it is vacuuming or clearing dishes or being still, am I where the Lord wants me?

The mission field is ripe for workers, and I am here in the one beneath my feet; yet so often farther places look more appealing. Yet the love is before me, not beyond me.

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