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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The time of Faith

Faith carries us into the uncharted territories into which we know we need to venture. Faith is not about practicalities and common sense, rather it lies in the courage to see and think something new and different. Watching Jesus rise up before them, like a slow moving rocket; going out into the streets of a city where they were fearful for their lives and speaking languages they never knew before: these are a few acts of faith in which the apostles took part. Faith is the journey led by Jesus into the fears of rejection and death in order to find and discover new life. Faith is the vehicle which carries us beyond time itself. In all the movies, and in an age of technology, we see and read of the exotic opportunities of time travel through the powers of a unique ma-chine. Yet it is not technology that transforms, and crosses such boundaries, but the experience of faith. Every time we share communion, we are sharing a meal with those who have gone before us and those who are yet to be born. The time travel of faith is not about reliving history as we know it in the present, but joining in relationship with life on a larger plane. Sometimes it feels like everything is changing, being challenged or upended. The annual journey of faith with Christ Jesus brings us again to the season of Pentecost. It is in this season, that has been traveled for thousands of times by millions of people, that we weave our lives, our hearts, minds and souls, with the power and presence of God known in the Holy Spirit. With the grounding of such a union we can find deep peace and stillness in the storms of overwhelming change. And in the stillness we can hear the voice of our longing and the longing of a, more powerful than the storm, love of God for us. Faith is also what moves our prayers from being a spoken or thought hope or desire to the under-standing of a living with God in every breath and every beating of our heart. It is the moving of our minds out of their framework of understandings and into a field of mystery and possibility, even in the stress, confusion and deep anxiety we might find otherwise overwhelming. In faith everything becomes valuable, even the blades of grass we walk upon.

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