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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Parish Churches

So often, when we host an event or fund raiser or gather together in the church we feel we need to do such to help others. The list of services for others can be quite long. There seems to be an embarrassment to do something for ourselves. For us to say that this event is to raise money for the church, in order to keep it going, seems inappropriate. And, yet, for parishes in Maine (which was recently listed as the least religious state in the United States) doing things to stay alive and active is probably one of the most important things that can be done. Raising money for other non-profit organizations is good, but we sometimes feel that they are more important. And in doing so we miss what is our most vital strength. To be a praying community that offers our prayers for them is of more worth and power for them in their work than would be a few dollars now and again. And the need to be helping others - which is crucial, biblical and part of our calling, cannot be done unless we first are able to receive and accept ourselves for who and what we are in the community. Our communities need the place to gather for prayer, to meet and eat together, to share our lives with each other and in doing so discover the wonders of God in our humanity.

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