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Sunday, July 15, 2012

to sea and back

It is easy to get caught up in the everyday details of one’s life. Pretty soon the same roads and sights become simply the backdrop of one’s thoughts. The people with whom we live become part of the process of accomplishing tasks and getting things done. For about four days last week we were able to go for a sail from Camden to Cushing and back. What a treat! Seeing my familiar world from a very different perspective is always a rich stimulant to my mind. Taking time to be with a friend, to just be with my wife; these things are so quickly overlooked in the day to day world. We can talk for longer times, be quiet together and have enough time to play games together, when out on a boat for an extended time. The limited parameters of the boat restricts everyone in such a way that being together and relating is the only option. No one can go run errands, attend to work, or be busy in such a way as to avoid others. The blessings of a boat mean we are thrust into the throes of what we actually long for all along. What a great time, great weather, and a most beautiful boat – which I think sets the perfect stage for perfect moments together.

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