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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why So Shy?

The apostle Paul, when writing letters to people to introduce himself almost always prefaced his remarks by saying he was a “servant of the Lord Jesus”. What a clear and concise statement of one’s being. Over the years, I have read a number of articles, resume’s and descriptions of people who have been elected bishop or rector of a parish in the Episcopal Church, and I have never seen that statement expressed so clearly. I also look for someone saying that they love Jesus, or have found that their life is only understood in the love and forgiveness of the Lord Jesus Christ. This to me is my whole being. And when I read very touching stories of people’s lives and all the great things that they have done, I am impressed, but I still want to know how they feel about Jesus. What I do read is the story and examples of people who deeply question God, and the faith that has been handed down through the ages. This seems to be the approved and appropriate response. It is good to question, to persevere in probing one’s motives and assumptions. But the basis of giving one’s whole being to the oneness of God, to the fullness of joy found in the service of Jesus as Lord, doesn’t seem to be that important. Why not? Social issues are all right to speak out on, but for me, they only make sense because of my obedience to Jesus. Why are we in the Episcopal Church so shy?

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