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Friday, October 5, 2012

a threat to my faith

More and more I have found over the last few years that technology and politics have become interwoven and the unintended consequence of such a fabric is the unraveling it has done to my faith. It is so easy to follow political events on a national stage with the advent of the internet. Candidates become celebrities and issues have become deluded and clouded with the way they are presented. The news is presented in such a way as to engage, enrapt and encourage what I want to believe, or think. It is not that interested in informing or educating me. Sensationalism is what is served, not content. I do not fault the internet, this is what we want. If there is a news story on yahoo that has some sensational item, we go for it. It is what sells. If I get worked up and angry with the news, I will go back and watch more and more. It becomes addictive. It pulls my faith into to picture, I feel that my religion needs to be given over to the political party's agenda, and with such I go down a rabbit hole of deception and adulterated faith. I have said before that the greatest threat to our faith is not a liberal bias, but rather the political party's agenda to use Christianity to get votes through the use of fear and the two very limited and manipulative issues of homosexuality and abortion. I also see the capitalist system and addiction to debt as other great threats to our faith. I wish I could say I am free of these addictions and pitfalls, but I am as much entangled with their ways as so many others. National politics have become a great diversion, local politics have far more impact and effect on my life but are less glamorous and as such seen as boring and unimportant. It is the opposite in reality, they are more important and more engaging and I can have more effect on a local level. Technology has made me feel that the national level is more accessible to be, by my reading or following it on facebook. Facebook and Google are simply sand castles that have caught our fancy for a few moments. So quickly they have become so great, and so quickly they can be erased by new and different technology. The tedious actions of faithful routines of care and intent are what transform my soul.

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