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Thursday, December 20, 2012

dec 14 devotional

December 14: The Feast Day of St. John of the Cross - The mystic poet and spiritual leader of the 16th century Spain, St. John of the Cross, wrote a classic of Spanish poetry and spiritual mysticism in his great work “The Dark Night of the Soul”. In it he uses language that one might mistake for two lovers describing their union. In this poetic work, he uses language that one might mistake for two lovers describing their union. The passionate life and love weaves closely together in cautious ways between the prudishness of traditional religion and the sensual expressions of the mystical journeys. Even in our Scripture we feel an awkward sense when graphic portions of the Song of Songs are read in church. Our faith and religion is not just a compartment for certain aspects of our life, but an expression and framework for all the aspects of our life. And through all the experiences of living in our mortal bodies, we can see and express an image or entrance into the mystery of unity with God. It is not neat, it is not always proper, it is sometimes passionate, it is intimate, and it is always very personal.

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