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Thursday, December 20, 2012

dec 15 devotional

December 15: Isaiah 8:1-15 The passages of scripture for today includes this one from Isaiah, in which he describes an impending exile. Things are going to get very difficult. We want God to rescue and keep us from illness and suffering, yet, time and time again, scripture relates how God does not do that. In fact, the stories and writings, like today’s, reflects not a God who keeps us safe, but rather one that is with us through great challenges, pain and ordeals. God promises to strengthen us, if we are willing, to go into the hard dimensions of mortal life and travel to deeper places of truth in the process. God has never promised to save us from our mortality, rather, He assures us that through the depths of our journey we will find the gate and path to that which is life surpassing all barriers, even death.

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