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Thursday, December 20, 2012

dec 17 devotional

December 17: The Feast Day of William Lloyd Garrison and Maria Stewart - These two very vocal prophets and anti-slavery advocates of the 18th century were voices that helped change our nation. I cannot imagine any way in which one can justify slavery and Christianity, and this is in large part to their work. The Episcopal Church did not make a stand, but tried to hold everyone together during the civil war. A southern bishop also served as a general in the Confederacy. Today, when people make strong prophetic stands and speak out on social issues, I usually try to look at all sides and if possible avoid conflict. If I do not need to make a stand then I will do everything I can to avoid it, whatever the issue of the day. But I am reminded by the witness of William Lloyd Garrison and Maria Stewart that the voices which I might want to avoid might be the voices that are speaking a new and more clear understanding of God’s will. I agree with their work, but would I have done so if I were living in their era? Possibly not. With this in mind, I listen to the prophets and social reformers of today.

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