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Thursday, December 20, 2012

dec 19 devotional

December 19: The Feast Day of Lillian Trasher - The feast days of the Church introduce me to people I would never have known about. Lillian Trasher is one of these people. She was born in 1887, and at 23 she felt called to go to Africa to serve God. Against the will of her family and with only $100, she settled in Egypt, and led by circumstances seen to be God’s guidance, she founded an orphanage, and ran it until the late 1950’s. It is still in operation today, and is funded almost entirely by the churches in Egypt . A story like this reminds me that sometimes we need to go far away to find ourselves; to break away from our culture and traditions to find them. And sometimes what others think is best for us is not always what is best for us. Her journey also is a great reminder that we do not always know what we are getting into when we begin our journey; sometimes we just need to make the first step.

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