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Thursday, December 20, 2012

dec 20 devotional

December 20: As one who feels overwhelmed and under-impressed with the ever earlier onslaught of Christmas marketing, I would like to take a moment to stand up for the commercial Christmas and all the hype and hoopla. During the days of December leading up to Christmas, I find that the added haste, busyness and elevated expectation to be exciting. I like to think about people I love and what I gift I may give them. Gathering with friends for a party is nice. Driving down a familiar road and seeing that some people have put more energy than necessary into their house decorations and it makes me smile. It is easy to be critical of the commercialized hype and to view a more meditative alternative style holiday as a better and more “spiritual” experience. But for a moment I would like to propose that perhaps even in the commercialized and frenzied activity we create, God’s grace helps guide us, and helps us to feel important and a part of something larger and more connected to life.

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