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Thursday, December 20, 2012

dec 22 devotional

December 22: Isaiah 10:21 A remnant will return. It has been said, and I have come to experience, that one cannot go home again. Once we have grown up, we cannot go back to childhood. Returning to a place in our past only shows us that life has gone on without us. I once heard someone say that we are only remembered as long as it takes for water to fill the area left after we pull out our arm from the water. That may be so, but the scripture today reminds us that there is also a remnant that will return. Our arm was made wet; there may be germs we left in the water, or flakes of dead skin. Our childhood may be over, but it continues to influence and shade all of our present moments. God does not forget deep memories. There are some we might wish to forget, but God will bring them into the arms of loving healing and bring that which was never allowed to grow to become the great oaks that will shade the next Abraham as he greets angels. We can never relive past gatherings and holidays, but we know that they are and will always be part of our soul’s DNA, and part of God’s heart.

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