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Thursday, December 20, 2012

dec 23 devotional

December 23: Music is like a great mother who holds our memories and traditions together, and making sure our most important events are experienced with great dignity, and showing we are each extraordinarily gifted to be present. Music is used by young people to help define their collective generation, and to bind them in a common experience. Music is used by the military to instill both fear and courage. Markets use it to enhance experience and motivate people when shopping. It is used by some hospitals to facilitate healing. We speak of the essentials of life as being in terms of things like food, clothing and shelter. But throughout human history we also have found that the sounds of our music are an essential component to our common life. Birds, too, and other species, have ways of using sound to express their life together. Can there be a Christmas without music? God came into our world and we have been singing about it ever since.

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