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Saturday, December 8, 2012

dec 8 advent devotional

December 8: Psalm117:2 For great is his steadfast love towards us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures for ever. Praise the Lord! Some memories etch themselves deeply into our mind. While rock climbing in college up a steep cliff, I remember getting nearly ten feet from the top and my fingers began feeling like soggy carrots and my muscles just couldn’t hold any more. It was scary, even knowing I had a rope around me and that there was someone on the other end. I had come to the end of all I could do. It was a complete feeling of exhaustion. It was hard to know even what to say, as I had never had this experience before. Finally the person holding the rope realized that nothing was happening and cried out to me. In a weak voice I tried to shout that I needed help and could not go any further. I remember that there was some sort of challenge for me to try some more, but also sudden realization from the sound of my voice that it was time to help. Several people had to pull me up to the top. I was so very thankful, a bit embarrassed, but happy to be alive. It is also very reassuring that the steadfast love of the Lord never ends. It is stronger than the rope holding me that day, and knows when my cry is too weak to be heard.

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