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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

the idolatry of guns

Lost in the debate about gun laws is the idolatry that we have with guns. This should also be a Christian, Jewish and Muslim issue. The worship of guns in our country is keeping us from being faithful to God, and from centering our soul upon a more moral and godly life. We have enough problems with our unabashed worship of money, add to that our idolizing of guns and we have a rather thin claim to being a Christian or any other religious nation. We have so clouded the issue and so many Christians have joined into the fray that it seems next to impossible to actually expect any sanity in the dialogue. When someone or someones are holding onto something with more than a natural connection we lose sense of any reasonable discussion. The NRA and the massive gun sales in this country is a clear sign of a sin far greater than many of the other ones so often pointed to by pastors. Idolatry is one of the top sins. Accusing Obama of wanting to take away everyone's guns is ludicrous and only symptomatic of such idolatry. Not wanting to take some action and assume some responsibility for the violence in the country is shameful. Guns are not the problem, but gun owners, owners whose worship of the gun far surpasses a worship of the one true God. We need not only to look at laws in our country that relates to guns rationally, but also the violence, the health care, and each of our parts by supporting video games, movies, and most all our lack of openness to repent and return to the Lord. We are all a part of the problem, anyone who says not is avoiding the work they need to do; chief among such groups is the NRA. All I can fathom at this time is that this lobbying organization is opposed to God, not Christian, nor any other religion for that matter. We all can change, such intransigence only demonstrates a sickness rooted in sin.

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