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Friday, February 8, 2013

being connected

The old saying, that 'we are what we eat', has some deep meaning. We have eaten several of our chickens. I got to know them, they were killed so that we might have food to survive. I have a connection to these birds that is wonderful. They provide eggs, I let them out and feed them. I have been checking in on them in the storm today to be sure they are all right. The grains, the fruit, the meat and all we eat has come from some life. It is a sacred connection. Jesus took bread and said, this is my body.  He took wine and said, this is my blood. We survive because of others. When food is made through chemicals and factories, it loses some of the direct link of life and death, of living and breathing. We seem to want to take the conflict out of our being, the drama, the potential of dying. But it is in the mortal drama of change, death, birth and conflict that we come to know love.

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