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Sunday, February 17, 2013

from St. Teresa of Avila

When your soul was born,
it was like a still ocean that had yet to experience
its infinite life.

God then came to the shores of our souls and gazed upon the immaculate splendor that His divine Heart created.

He then took off His clothes and dove into us.

Nothing on their own have your arms ever done,
the movements of your feet are caused
by the waves He stirred.

Light baptizes life wherever it falls,
and every religion and all upon this earth
is a shadow.

A shadow may move but it has no real power of its own,
though it can affect the weak and frighten them, and men can use
that darkness to exploit others.

As I found the source of all we do, as I found the
source of all our desires, so humble God became
He admitted: He caused
all things.

- Teresa of Avila     translated by Daniel Ladinsky

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