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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

God in Food

For a God who claims to be bread, to be wine, to be that which is shared in a common meal; to have those who follow and have been molded by such an experience, take the experience of shared food and make it into cheap casseroles, cheapest pancake mix from bulk boxes, and bland coffee as the time of fellowship is outrageous.

St Etienne by Jurg Roessen
Why are not the receptions after worship a celebration of the grandeur, the awe, the live giving element of food?

Why is the drink of the church not wine, but coffee?

Water would be better than coffee.

Why if God is in the food of communion, if something had to give up its life for our survival, every time we eat, why is this mystery transformed into chemical enhanced, cheap processed pulp?

Is it because nothing had to die for the chemical enhancement to happen, and we are only celebrating our fear of death?

The faith that claims death has no longer a sting or fear, has left us terrified of it still.

Perhaps a revival of the art of eating is a cure for the processed box faith of the church today.

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