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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Minding our Words

Becoming aware of what we eat, how we eat is an important step in spiritual development. The growing awareness of the need for better food, for an end to the industrialization of our food and the re-emergance of food that is grown, not processed is a great sign of spiritual health in our land.
But we need to not stop at food. How we live with violence, sexuality, and how we communicate are just as important. The very words we use are as important as the food we eat. When we allow ourselves to slide into apathy, complacency with our language and let it be demeaning and ungracious than it is as bad as using high fructose corn syrup or GMO products. We need to no longer slide into slang and offhandedly use vulgarity when we can use a wide range of well meaning words with great effect.
There is an old saying that Manners maketh the man. Well, perhaps manners will help us make us men and women again of integrity and dignity. Water, electricity and attitudes slide quickly to the path of least resistance. The grace of God opens for us the obstacles of opportunity to stop such a waterfall and pump the energy of life back up to higher ground. If we are to eat better, let us also think of sharing our language better at the table of our love. Blessings and grace are a wonderful beginning. An open discourse on issues and events is a great entrée, and humor without demeaning others is the perfect dessert.

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