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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

God's headlines

The recent headlines and attention that has been showered upon the pope and his retirement and the gathering of the cardinals is of interesting to many people and the press, but I venture to guess that it is not of much interest to God. In fact there are probably few headlines about it in heaven. More headlines, photos and time of God is spent on the people who might be visiting Rome, the families traveling, finding hotels, worried about losing children in the crowd, people out of work, or those who are the maids, waiters, street cleaners, etc. and their deep concerns and longings.
Our media wants to sell papers, and sin and sensationalism are of more interest to the selling of papers to most of us than what would be of interest to the angels of God. So often, in fact, are the news stories covered by our press not really very newsworthy.  But for the fact of a gory photograph or a wardrobe malfunction, or some sexual peccadillo we would not be reading the paper or visiting the website at all.

It does get me to wonder what a newspaper in heaven might look like. Since the kingdom of heaven is at hand, then there must be an alternate press in our very midst, covering the chickens, the trees, the rivers, the small details of our everyday that seem so trivial now, yet are everything in eternity.

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